dependable electric motors
for heavy-duty operations
of cement plants.



Heavy-duty process equipment and machinery, such as mixers, agitators, belt conveyors, stacker-reclaimers, cyclone filters, etc. are integral parts of a cement plant. These equipment and machinery are driven by large, heavy-duty motors and gearboxes. Cement plants operate almost continuously and can’t afford even the slightest downtime. This calls for electric motors and gear motors of the highest dependability, such as LHP electric motors. Using energy-efficient LHP motors (IE2, IE3 and IE4) in cement plants can significantly reduce electricity consumption and, in turn, reduce operating costs.
Also, the presence of a high level of dust in cement plants necessitates the use of motors with special enclosures and a robust design. Various types of LHP motors are provided with such enclosures, so that their performance remains unaffected even in the tough working conditions of cement plants.