Complete assurance
of safety when it comes
to flame-proof motors
for hazardous areas.

Chemical & Paints


Several processes in the chemical and paint industry use materials that are prone to explosion. These materials are sometimes volatile and emit fumes, which becomes a major cause of concern. The condition demands the use of process equipment built using explosion-protected components/ parts. Electric motors used in such equipment are a major source of sparks and, hence, require special enclosures to avoid contact of sparks with the atmospheric air containing hazardous fumes.
Flame-proof motors and non-sparking motors from LHP are best known to this sector for their excellent quality and reliable operations. Our range of Flame-proof motors, Increased-safety motors and Non-sparking motors, with all required certifications and approvals, is available up to 500 kW (355 frame) and in IE2, IE3 and IE4 versions. Apart from flame-proof motors, our other type of electric motors are also extensively used in the sector for various other applications, such as HVAC, fans, blowers and pumps.