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CSR Initiatives – Focus on education, health and the environment.

LHP Foundation CSR - Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

‘Caring for nature and the environment!’ At LHP, we don’t just preach but also practice this every day. That’s why most of our manufacturing processes are enviro-friendly. Whatever small quantity of chemical pollutants is generated during the processes is properly treated before disposal. The use of solar energy and a regenerative test set-up are a few other examples.

Tree Plantation by LHP Motors

There is a lot of greenery around our plants. In addition to this, LHP Foundation has planted and will maintain 2,500 trees in Chincholi MIDC. This is just the beginning. We are planning to take the tally to 10,000 trees in the next 3 years although growing them is challenging due to water scarcity in the arid land of Solapur.

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