Our dust-free manufacturing plants are equipped with automatic coil winding machines, advanced CNC machines, Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) plants, regenerative test set-up, conveyorised assembly lines and paint shops. These dust-free plants are certified with ISO 9001:2015 and practice 5S, KANBAN and TPM.

Plant 1 – Solapur, INDIA
Plant 2 & Plant 3 – Solapur, INDIA
Area: Total land – 55,000 sq.m | Built-up – 20,500 sq.m

Research & Development

A strong Research & Development (R&D) backbone allows us to provide customised motors to our customers in the shortest possible time. Our R&D team constantly strives to develop compact, energy efficient and reliable motors for unique requirements. Our range of over 6000 varieties of electric motors and gear motors is a testimony to our competence in the field.
We are equipped with advanced design software and our R&D Department is certified by Ministry of Industries, Government of India.

Motor Winding

We have a complete automatic winding set-up that can handle up to 500 windings per day. For large size motors, winding is carried out manually by our trained and experienced technicians.
After winding, each and every motor undergoes Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI), which imparts additional strength and reliability to the motor.

Machine Shop

All the machining operations are carried out in-house. We have a large machine shop equipped with advanced CNC machines to ensure precision. It allows us complete control on time and quality.

Heat Treatment

We have complete heat treatment plant where the processes such as annealing, tempering, normalizing, stress relieving, toughening and case carburizing are carried-out. Quenching media like oil quenching, furnace cooling and accelerated air cooling are possible. Process control parameters are controlled via. software to ensure high level of reliability and repeatability.
The facility is extensively used for heat treatment of all the gears to ensure reliable performance of gearboxes, shafts used for critical operations are hardened and tempered to extend the product life and fabricated gearbox components are stress relieved suitably for ease of machining.
Hardness Tester is used to ensure that the hardness range is within acceptable limits and for desired assurance about microstructure, microscope is used by our QC team.

Heat Treatment for Motors
Heat treatment facility for motors

Motor Assembly

Motors up to 315 frame are being assembled on conveyorised assembly lines. Large motors are assembled manually using specially developed jigs, fixtures and equipment.

Inspection & Testing

We use premium quality raw materials. Thorough inspection of incoming material and stage inspection are carried out to ensure the quality of end products. Every final product undergoes a thorough check for performance.

Regenerative Motor Testing Set-up

We comply with the latest IEC specifications for the manufacturing and testing of energy efficient motors. Our regenerative test set-up for electric motors for direct loading up to 1000 kW is the first such test set-up in India. We have 14 separate test set-ups for motors with various ratings up to 1000 kW, for determining the motor efficiencies with actual stray loss measurement as per latest international and Indian specifications – IEC 60034-2-1:2014 / IS 15999-2011 respectively.
Integration tests of ‘Ex’ – explosion-protection motors with inverters can also be carried out for the determination of temperature class of ‘Ex’ motors due to the effect of impure power quality from inverters as per the latest IS/IEC/EN specifications. Mixed frequency test for the determination of the temperature rise test can be carried out on motors having special mounting dimensions. The motors can be tested on synchronous generators having pure sinusoidal power supply as well as on power grid.

Regenerative Motor Testing Set up

Quality Assurance

We use equipment such as

  • CMM for dimensional accuracy measurement of gearbox housing
  • CNC lead and profile tester to ensure quality and accuracy of gears
  • In-house Standards Room for calibration of gauges and measuring instruments
  • Microscope for analysis of post-heat treatment micro-structure
  • Copper wires are tested as per standardsIS; 13778 (part 3) 1993 / IEC 60851-3 (1985)

Stores & Despatch

We have separate large stores for raw materials, components, finished goods and spares. With our large inventory, certain standard products can be offered ex-stock. Also, we assure quick availability of spares for most of our products till the end of their life cycle.


LHP imparts training to its customers for the selection and maintenance of electric motors. Such trainings are organised regularly at the LHP Training Centre but can also be organised at customer locations.

Service Support

LHP is always accessible and approachable to its customers in India through its widespread network of service centres and dealers. The benchmark pre and post sales service of LHP is a major reason for it being the first choice of several industries. A team of more than 100 trained engineers is equipped to serve customers in more than 80 major cities of India. The team assures you of quick response and excellent service support for higher uptime of your plant or equipment.

Service support for Industrial Motors

Pattern Shop

We have a large pattern shop to meet the captive requirement of various types of patterns for castings. It is equipped with high accuracy machines and digital measuring instruments.

Pattern Shop