Uninterrupted process
requires reliable machinery
which run on dependable
electric motors.

Food and Beverages


The food and beverage industry is always under pressure to fulfil consumer demand. Overall, logistics plays a key role in the process, starting with raw material sourcing, followed by its processing. The complete process involves conveyors, sorters, sieves, crushers, mixers, agitators, heaters, weighing, filling, packaging and labelling machines, and finally, packing/placing into cartons/crates. Several motors are required to operate these equipment and machines.
The quality and reliability of motors acquires high importance here, as a single failure can halt the entire process, resulting in spoilage of the batch and, in turn, creating losses. Apart from this, the entire logistics is hampered and may end up spoiling the reputation of the brand.
This is the reason why leading players in the food and beverage sector rely on the range of LHP electric motors. LHP motors are also safe to use in the hygienic workplaces in this F&B sector.