When you need a 24×7
performance from your
HVAC system, trust our
electric motors.



It is hard to imagine pharmaceutical factories, cold storages and large establishments like hospitals, malls, airport lobbies, etc. without a proper HVAC system. Most of them usually need to operate 24×7 and so also, the HVAC system. In such a scenario, extreme reliability of the motors used in cooling towers, axial fans, centrifugal fans, screw compressors, side channel blowers, etc. of an HVAC plant is critical. Continuous operation of HVAC plants and, in turn, the motors, puts pressure on the maintenance team, if the electric motors are not of a reliable make and of good quality.
Also, this sector requires Smoke Extraction electric motors for two reasons – air ventilation under normal conditions and, smoke and heat extraction in the event of a fire. LHP motors, being almost fail-safe and energy-saving, fit the bill perfectly.