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LHP Update Issue 21

Mentor Speaks

Dear Readers,

Shashikant ThakreAs we begin the New Year 2024, my best wishes to you for a great year ahead!

A few key economic indices in 2023 bring hope for good times in the next few years. In October 2023, industrial production rose to a 16-month high of 11.7 percent and the power sector witnessed a growth of nearly 20 percent. Also, the auto sector recorded 19 percent growth during the festival season. India’s market capitalisation crossed the $4 trillion mark ranking the Indian stock market the fourth in the world. Further, out of 22 sectors from manufacturing, 14 sectors registered positive growth.

With these positive signs, I am optimistic about a bright future for Indian manufacturing sector. Heavy investments by the Government in large infrastructure projects and the thrust on the indigenisation of defence equipment manufacturing will further fuel growth.

At LHP, we are geared up to meet the anticipated increase in demand for our motors in the immediate and mid-near future. We have been making substantial investments in plant, machinery and automation, and are developing our teams across various functional areas.

Our third plant, strategically located near our existing two plants, will be commissioned soon. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art machines, equipment, testing facilities and modern assembly lines. Simultaneously, efforts are being made to get more approvals and accreditation from various leading agencies. We are continuously expanding our range of electric motors and gear motors to meet the requirements of different industries and applications. Very soon, our IT backbone will be strengthened further to bring it at par with the global standards by switching over to SAP S/4 HANA on the cloud platform. Read more about these recent achievements and planned developments in this 21st issue of LHP Update.

As our partner in progress and a well-wisher, we welcome you to visit us once our third plant gets commissioned in April 2024. I am sure you will be delighted to witness the world-class infrastructure and our extended range of motors.

Once again, best wishes for the New Year and happy reading!

Sharadkrishna Thakre

Managing Director

Update from Gear Motor Manufacturer
LHP Motors Exhibitions

From the Desk of the Technical Director

Dear Customers,

Aditya Thakre I take this opportunity to update you about the various technical developments taking shape at LHP in recent times. As a result of our continuous development efforts, LHP is casting its footprint across several industries and meeting challenging application requirements. This calls for heavy investments in infrastructure, which we have been making in a phased manner for the last few years.

The new investments are being channelised towards developing new products, increasing manufacturing capacity and creating additional facilities for quality assurance/testing. We will shortly set up a line for higher capacity HP motor manufacturing and install new high-capacity, high-accuracy machines in the new plant. Existing production lines have been realigned to improve productivity. We possess a fully automatic winding line for motors from 63 to 90 frames. This is being further augmented with a line for 100 to 132 frames. Apart from our standard motors, we have developed a technological edge by way of a complete range of IE4 motors up to 1000 kW, Hazardous area motors up to 500 kW, Smoke extraction motors up to 500 kW and several other motors for special applications. All of them are duly approved and certified by the relevant authorities.
Our motors are attested with the CE Mark and the entire range of hazardous area motors from 0.18kW to 500kW is certified with ATEX and IEC Ex from BASEEFA. Additionally, all our safe area motors up to 1000 kW possess valid BIS licences.

After extensive research and trials, we have introduced motors for Electric Vehicles, which are superior in several aspects compared to the ones available in the market. Few other mentionable developments include Special motors for the European market, Motors with higher outputs in lower frames, and Cast- iron body for 400 and 450 frames to improve the aesthetics and reliability of higher HP motors. It will be of your interest to know about these developments in this issue.

Both our existing plants are certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018. These plants also practice 5S Workplace Management, Six Sigma, KANBAN and TPM. We are in the process of obtaining an NABL accreditation for motors up to 1000 kW due to which our internal test reports will have more authenticity. In order to keep pace with the world and meet the expectations of our customers we constantly develop new products and innovate.

If you have any suggestions for bettering our products, processes or services, or have a requirement of motors for critical applications, you can always write to me directly at

Enjoy reading more stories in this 21 issue of LHP Update. My best wishes to you all for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Aditya Thakre

Technical Director

Buy Roller Table Motors

A step forward in catering to new-world requirements

Motor for Electric Vehicles

After mastering the technology of catering to the requirements of varied industries right from food & beverages to oil & gas and machine tools to defence,
we are channelising our expertise to serve the EV market and have introduced a motor with the following specifications:

IE4 Smoke Extraction Motors

After the development of the full range of Smoke Extraction Motors, several leading HVAC manufacturers have started relying on our motors. These motors have been successfully tested with their HVAC fans and have been approved by the relevant authorities. The new range is available in IE4 efficiency version and is suitable for working even at 400°C.

IE4 Smoke Extraction Motors

A multi-featured workhorse for a coal mine – unique in India

Dual-speed, hollow-shaft, helical bevel gear, flame-proof brake motor

Motors for Coal Mine Operations

In a unique development, we have designed and manufactured a special gear motor for a Paddle Feeder in a coal mine. The motor combines several features and is also designed to perform in the dusty and harsh conditions of coal mines.

Application: Paddle Feeder in coal mines

  • Model: BFO250D-112 P4/ P8
  • Rating: 2.2 kW/1.1 kW, 3.18 RPM/1.59 RPM
  • Max. Output Torque: 12000 Nm
  • Mounting: Hollow shaft mounting with torque arm
  • Brake: Electromagnetic DC with microswitch
  • Quality: Noiseless operation due to the use of ground-finish gears

Special Motors for Screw Compressor

This new addition will expand the scope of applications of our existing range.

  • Efficiency: IE4 & IE3
  • kW: 30, 37, 45, 55, 75
  • Pole: 2
  • Frame: 200, 250
  • Protection: IP 55 TEFC Motor
  • S.F.: 1.31
  • Voltage: 400+/-10%
  • Frequency: 50+/-3%
  • Mounting: B5
  • Insulation Class: H
Special Motors for Screw Compressor

A real ‘toughie’ for extreme environments in a steel plant

Roller Table Motor – Advanced Version

We have been manufacturing Roller Table motors for the last 20 years. Since then, time and again, we have carried out several developments to meet the advancing requirements of our customers. However recently, after continuous development efforts for about a year and in close collaboration with a major steel company, we have developed the most advanced version of the Roller Table Motor. The new version has TENC IE2 Energy Efficiency with technical para-meters as below:

Steel Plant Motor working in extreme environment
  • kW: 55
  • Pole: 4
  • Frame: Circular 280L
  • Protection Class: IP56/IP67
  • Voltage: 415+/-10%
  • Stall Time: 60 sec
  • Frequency: 75+/-5%
  • Mounting: Foot/Flange Mounting
  • Ambient: 55° C
  • Duty: S9

Exploring more ways to serve the textile industry

IE 4 Motors for Textile Spindle Drive

Solapur is a textile hub and we have been serving this sector almost since our inception and have supplied several thousand motors to this sector. Now, we have
specially designed an IE4 Motor for the Textile Spindle Drive, which will help this highly competitive sector save considerable energy and reduce operational costs.

  • kW/HP: 1.9/4.5
  • Pole: 4
  • Duty: S1
  • Protection: IP 55 TEFC Motor
  • Frame: 12 Aluminium
  • Voltage: 220/380 V
  • Mounting: Face Mounting (B14)
  • Frequency: 50/87 Hz
IE4 Motors for Textile Spindle Drive
Globally recognised quality boosts demand for IE4 motors


Globally recognised quality boosts demand for IE4 motors

LHP is a globally recognised brand for high-quality, reliable motors. We have been exporting various types of electric motors and flame-proof motors to different countries across the world, which are used in advanced machinery and challenging application environments.

This trust in our capability is further reaffirmed by one of our customers in Europe procuring IE4 motors of 450 frame size and 355 frame size in sizeable numbers. The motors will be used in one of the prestigious projects in Europe.

These motors incorporate special features as per customer demand. They have been thoroughly inspected by a third-party international inspection agency and the customer team at our factory before despatch. Once successfully commissioned, we look forward to more orders.

Apart from this significant order, in the recent years, our exports have greatly contributed to our revenue growth. We thank all our global partners for reposing their trust in our quality, reliability and delivery commitments.

A foreign customer’s visit showed an important trait of our team, which was unnoticed so far!

Customers from across the world like to visit our factories at Solapur because of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, advanced test set-ups and spick and span premises. We too, are eager to welcome them and show them around both the plants.

Recently, one of our European customers visited our plants and showered his praise on the perfectionist approach of our team members at every level while making full use of the advanced equipment and machinery provided to them. His feedback in our visitor’s book read, “Isn’t it true that just having facilities is meaningless if you don’t have the right people with the right mindset to use them?” Well said, Sir, and thank you for visiting!

Factories at Solapur

Expanding capacity to meet increasing demand

LHP has been witnessing double-digit growth for the last several years, which is attributed to the everincreasing demand for our quality motors. To keep up with our reputation of delivering them in the shortest possible time, we are constantly expanding our capacity. This is being achieved on four fronts. One, by adding new physical infrastructure, such as additional plants, bay expansion and assembly stations. Second, by adding new machines of higher capacity with higher productivity. Third, by expanding our team by including more talented, skilled and experienced people and the fourth and the most significant aspect being, bringing in more automation.

A foreign customer’s visit showed an important trait of our team, which was unnoticed so far!

Customers from across the world like to visit our factories at Solapur because of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, advanced test set-ups and spick and span premises. We too, are eager to welcome them and show them around both the plants.

The new plant

We have two manufacturing plants with a combined area of 36,000 sq. m. The new additional facility under construction near our existing plants will add another 20,000 sq. m. of total area and 6000 sq. m. of built-up area.

New LHP Motors Plant
The machines

A new, 6-axis, CNC Gear Hobbing Machine (Model – HOBBER 250) was installed recently, which will increase the gear manufacturing capacity and help us ensure on-time deliveries of Gear Boxes.

Also, the Gear Grinding Machine from Reishauer NZA and a CNC Stator Spigot machine are the new additions to our existing line-up of advanced machine tools.

Additional VPI plant

We have recently added one more fully automatic Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) plant of pressure vessel size 1200 mm x 1000 mm with 1000 litre, temperature controlled, resin storage capacity. This new plant is capable of handling motor windings of up to 280 frame size.

The automation

We have a fully automatic winding line for 63 to 90 frame-size motors. In the next few months, we will expand it from 100 to 132 frames. This will boost our manufacturing capacity and empower us to serve our customers more efficiently.

The new team

Considering future expansion activities, during the last year, we invited several young and experienced, multi-disciplinary team members to join our team. They are now contributing to our growth by complementing the efforts of our existing committed team as well as bringing new ideas for bettering products and processes.

Gear Motors for CNC Machines

Developing human capital

Our Managing Director, Sharadkrishna Thakre, recognises the value of human capital. Right from the inception of the company he has carefully selected people with the right beliefs and value systems. He has trained and nurtured them to become excellent engineers, marketers, managers, researchers and so on. They have achieved personal growth and are great assets for the company.

With the same view, we regularly impart training to team members on topics such as ISO, SAP, Advanced Excel, EOHS, Customer Relations and various aspects of engineering and management.

LHP Motor Training

Training and skill development at every level

LHP Motors Technical Training

Everyone at LHP is not just doing a job but is contributing to the company’s growth and progress. Our team members think this way because they have been taught to look beyond the job. They are also cautious about other aspects of business and are imparted ‘On-the-Job Training’ in different functional areas, like product knowledge, safety, PPE, SOP, etc. by senior members.


Celebrating success. Planning the future.

Sales Meet 2023 was held in Jaipur to review the performance and plan how best to serve our customers. Nearly 100 team members attended the two-day conference to understand from the Managing Director – Sharadkrishna Thakre, President – Niranjan Singhvi, and Technical Director – Aditya Thakre about ‘How to align with the rapidly changing technology and market dynamics‘.

LHP Higher Management team
Focus on education, health and the environment

Assistance to educational institutes

Education is one of the important tools for social upliftment. Industry-Academia collaboration can improve the quality of such education. However, semi-urban and rural areas often lag behind due to their reach. LHP Foundation, particularly focuses on lending assistance to such educational institutes. Our team identifies their requirements before extending assistance so that the students get access to the latest knowledge in their field and advanced technology equipment. Recently,
LHP Foundation has given a ‘Digital Classroom’ to a progressive Polytechnic College in Solapur.

LHP helps Polytechnic College in Solapur

Blood donation camp

Blood Donation Camp at LHP Motors

Members of Team LHP are fitness enthusiasts and most of them participate in local sporting events. At LHP, we also strictly maintain a ‘No Tobacco’ zone, which the workers had persuaded the management to set up about 40 years ago. Good health and habits further motivate our team to work for social causes by way of participating in social work and initiatives such as blood donation. Every Blood
Donation Camp in the campus witnesses an enthusiastic response. This time too, 172 LHP members donated blood in a camp on August 14, 2023.

Tree plantation

Caring for nature and the environment!’ At LHP, we don’t just preach but also practice this every day. That’s why most of our manufacturing processes are enviro-friendly. Whatever small quantity of chemical pollutants is generated during the processes is properly treated before disposal. The use of solar energy and a regenerative test set-up are a few other examples. There is a lot of greenery around our plants. In addition to this, LHP Foundation has planted and will maintain 2,500 trees in Chincholi MIDC. This is just the beginning. We are planning to take the tally to 10,000 trees in the next 3 years although growing them is challenging due to water scarcity in the arid land of Solapur.

Tree Plantation by LHP Motors

Awards and recognition

We are glad to share a few of our outstanding industry contributions that are worth mentioning.

Excellent Delivery Performance Award

The ‘Excellent Delivery Performance Award’ from a leading manufacturer KSB Ltd. received by Mr. Sharadkrishna Thakre, Managing Director, LHP

Sir M. Visvesvaraya Eminent Engineer Award 2023

‘Sir M. Visvesvaraya Eminent Engineer Award 2023’ from The Institution of Engineers (India) received by Mr. Aditya Thakre, Technical Director, LHP

LHP at Solar Group International Conference 2023

Mr. Niranjan Singhvi, President, LHP was invited to the world’s prestigious ‘Solar Group International Conference 2023’ in Moscow, Russia to present a technical paper.

‘Gold Award 2023’ from the HR Association of India

Gold Award 2023’ from the HR Association of India received by Mr. Bharat Vedpathak, Head – Human Relations, LHP.

lhp update marketing

Sandeep Bhattacharya, Head – Sales & Marketing

Armed with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management, Sandeep brings a rich experience of over 32 years in the sales of electric motors and electrical equipment. During his career, he has closely worked with several project companies, consultants and various industry sectors. He is well connected with markets across the country and has travelled extensively. Team building and developing good customer relations are his key strengths.

At LHP, since the last one year, he has been spearheading sales and marketing operations and is responsible for strategic planning, driving sales and managing the distribution network.

Qualifications: B.E. Electrical, MBA

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