To ensure continuous
operations and also to
save energy,
our energy-efficient
motors is the best bet.



Being a continuous process industry, the paper sector requires several types of machinery during various stages of paper production. This includes shredders, mixers, rollers, presses, boilers, washers, dryers, slitters, cutters, packaging machines, SPMs and so on. Usually, this sector requires large capacity motors and, hence, using IE2, IE3 and IE4 type energy-efficient motors can save a significant amount of energy. The industry also demands dependable, near-fail-safe electric motors to ensure uninterrupted processes.
LHP electric motors are the first preference of this sector, considering the critical importance of electric motors in power saving and maintaining trouble-free operations. We have been regularly supplying a large number of electric motors to various paper mills across the country and have earned their trust because of our quality, faster deliveries and excellent service.