Dependable range of LT motors,
manufactured in a world-class
plant and approved by NTPC

Power Plants


In today’s industrialised world, practically nothing can move without power. Hence, power plants have to operate 24×7. This means every piece of machinery used in a power plant also has to demonstrate peak performance and uninterrupted operations.
Induction motors find several applications in power plants. In a thermal power plant, electric motors are used in various equipment and machinery, such as bulk conveyors, wagon unloaders, boiler pumps, slurry pumps, etc. In hydroelectric plants, motors are required to operate large gates and guide vanes in the turbines. In the wind energy sector, motors are used to turn the direction of the nacelle. Nuclear plants require a large number of cooling pumps and feed water pumps, which requires motors. Even in solar energy plants, the power electronics in the inverters need cooling, for which, either pumps or electric fans are used. Large motors are used to adjust the direction of the solar panels.
Power plants usually require an LT range of electric motors up to 450 kW, which are used for various purposes. LHP is one of the first manufacturers in India to receive an approval from NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation Limited) for our LT range up to 450 kW. The approval is a result of our well-equipped and large manufacturing facilities, adherence to the highest quality standards, and practising world-class manufacturing standards.