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We help our clients evaluate an idea and enhance it by building rapid POCS, MVP and prototypes. Our cross functional expertise across consulting, design, digitization, data, architecture, and engineering cultivates the culture of creating digital experiences that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Longer Life

Better heat dissipation

Cast Iron body

Rugged Construction

Can work at higher temperature

Class F insulation

Protection against entry of water and dust

IP: 55 construction

Suitable for wide voltage band application

Motors for 3 phase AC voltage – 380 V to 690 V, Standard supply 415 ± 10 %, 50 Hz ± 5 %

Suitable for operation at higher atmospheric temperature

Suitable for 50 °C Ambient Temperature

Operates silently with High Performance

Low noise level & low vibration level

Our Differentiators

  • Digital accelerators such as PraEdge, MFGSuite, Apollo and PraGate,
  • Expertise in developing tightly integrated & interoperable systems,
  • Unique approach to deliver quality digital products at pace,
  • Adoption of latest digital technologies to enhance user experience,
  • Scalable and bespoke digital solutions tailored to your needs,
  • Flexible engagement models to co-innovate quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Digital Product Development?

Digital product development refers to the engineering design of software-driven user experience, which can partially or fully improve the user experience of an organization. It usually adopts Agile / DevOps development methods to deliver digital product solutions quickly, while conducting regular tests and iterations based on stakeholders’ inputs.

Business Benefits of Digital Product Development

Advanced digital product design and development helps in elevating user experiences. Another benefit of digital product creation is scalability; as user needs and software usability evolve, digital products can do just that. Continuously improving to meet growing user expectations is key to the success of digital product solutions. For today’s software businesses, the need to innovate never stops. Adoption of cloud, microservices, API-led connectivity, containerization, DevOps and other latest digital technologies have transformed the way digital solutions are built. This has increased the complexity of developing and modernizing digital products. And as a digital product design company, Pratiti offers a team of experts to help you build your ideal digital product— so you stay ahead of the competition.

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