Special Motors

Textile Motor

LHP has developed electric motors with special enclosure so that they can operate effortlessly even in a fluffy environment. Particularly the fan is encased in a specially designed cover so that it can allow efficient cooling but arrest fluff or dust to enter inside the motor.

Motors for Textile Industry

Naval & Marine Duty Motors

These motors are constantly in saline atmosphere and have to operate for long hours, rather continuously. Also the motors are specially designed to withstand heavy vibrations and shocks during take off and landing of aircraft from the warship.

Naval and Marine Duty Motors

Railway Auxiliary Motor

Apart from Traction motors, several other motors and equipment are required in electric locomotive. These motors, which are used for cooling and other purposes are collectively known as the Auxiliaries.

Manufacturer of Railway Motors

Multi-speed Motor

An equipment with one or more speeds can offer required flexibility in operation and optimise investment in an equipment by allowing its use for different processes/uses. LHP Multi-speed Motors are being extensively used.

Multi Speed Motor Manufacturer