LHP is the right place for you to develop your career and progress in life. It is also the right place to get diverse experience and friends for life. We are a team of nearly 1000 people, passionate to build high quality electric motors and provide unique solutions to our customers’ requirements. Join the team! And don’t forget, we are an equal opportunity employer.

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    Right from the inception of the company, we have built a culture, which we call the ‘OTTT Culture’ – Openness, Trust, Transparency and Teamwork, which helps us to communicate without barriers and perform better everyday. This is further complemented with a policy of ‘Never say no to the customer’, which earns us the trust of several customers who are repeatedly buying from us.
    We are a highly result-oriented and target driven team. And we achieve results and targets without causing work pressure! Yes, we have mastered this art. Come, join us and experience it!

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    LHP - Culture


    People who are willing to learn and shoulder new responsibilities can quickly grow in the company.
    We strongly believe in ‘people development’ through which they can raise the bar of their performance and career.
    At LHP, we provide ample opportunities to high performers and a steady growth for contented people. Choose your path because we firmly believe that one should enjoy what one is doing.


    Training / Learning

    The team members who want to acquire new knowledge and skills are provided with the right opportunities. A few such trainings are organised in the company
    premises. Sometimes, deserving team members are also sent to outside organisations / institutes for further training. Our regular publications are a great source for learning on various topics.

    Training at LHP


    When one wishes to gain deeper insights and knowledge in the area of one’s field and hone their skills further, we have structured programmes for upskilling.

    Upskilling LHP

    Rewards & Recognitions

    If you take up more responsibilities and bringing new ideas to table, your efforts won’t go waste. Be it for product improvement or productivity improvement, customer engagement or enhancing service efficiency, we will recognise your efforts and reward you for your contribution.

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    Reward LHP