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Super Premium Efficiency Motors (IE4)

Introducing Super Premium Efficiency Motors (IE4)

Complete range of LT motors up to 1000 kW, 450 frame with voltage up to 690 V

LHP believes in offering the best and the latest technology to its customers across the world. After the successful development of IE3 motors about 7 years ago, we continued our efforts to further fine-tune the technology and develop IE4 – super premium efficiency motors. About a year ago, we were successful in our endeavour and started conducting thorough trials of IE4 motors as well as getting approvals from competent authorities. Efficiency of Electric Motors
IE4 motors are built around standard 3-phase motors using special materials and are suitable for a range of applications. IE4 motors from LHP are developed in accordance with energy-saving guidelines from IEC (IEC/EN 60034-30-1:2014) and approved by BIS as per the latest IS 12615. These motors operate two efficiency bands above IE3 motors, which is equivalent to an almost 20% reduction in energy losses. It is recommended to use IE4 motors when the motors are subject to continuous operations at full load.
LT MotorsBy way of our energy-efficient motors, we are not only helping our clients save a significant amount of energy and reduce operational costs, but are also helping them reduce their carbon footprint and conduct their operations in a more eco-friendly manner.

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