Expect a fail-safe,
robust performance while
sailing in high seas.



Shipbuilding is a complex activity, involving the use of various machineries during manufacturing, as well as while being fitted in the ship. A large number of motors are used in all such machineries, for applications such as compressors, fans, pumps, HPUs, etc. Reliable operations of these motors gain priority as they have to demonstrate peak, flawless performance while in the high seas. These motors are constantly in a saline atmosphere and have to operate for long hours, rather, continuously. Also, the motors are specially designed to withstand heavy vibrations and shocks during the take-off and landing of aircraft on aircraft carriers. Under such conditions, robust performance of the electric motors is extremely important.
LHP is well-known for its Naval & Marine Duty Motors and has been supplying large quantities of the same to the Indian Navy, other commercial shipbuilders and ship maintenance agencies, for several years. The range includes up to 500 kW in energy-efficiency versions (IE2, IE3 and IE4). For a few special applications, we also supply Flame-proof (explosion-protected) electric motors.