Expect peace of mind
when you order electric motors for
your project/equipment from us.



Choosing electric motors from LHP offers significant benefits to equipment manufacturers. Our good-quality and reliable electric motors, as well as prompt service, assist you in upholding your impeccable reputation. As an OEM, you can count on us for a lifelong relationship based on trust.
Talk to any of our customers manufacturing boilers, process equipment, welding machines, hydraulic power packs, EOT cranes, conveyors, material handling equipment, cyclones, HVAC plants, SPMs, machine tools and process plant equipment, and they will vouch for our commitment to customer service. Our sales engineers will help you select the right motor for your equipment, from our variety of motors and a complete range of LT motors up to 1000 kW (450 frame). Further, our team will support you by ensuring quick deliveries and prompt after-sales service, bolstering your trust in us.