Be assured of continuous
operation and energy saving by
using our electric motors.



Making sugar from sugarcane is an elaborate process and involves heavy-duty equipment and machinery, such as cranes, conveyors, washers, crushers, stirrers, boilers, sieves, packaging machines and portable conveyors/ loaders, etc. All these equipment consume a lot of energy and, hence, it is recommended to use energy-efficient motors to drive them. Reduced energy consumption can have a direct impact on production cost per tonnage. During the peak season, sugar mills have to operate continuously and, hence, demand reliable machinery. Failure of a single workstation can spoil the entire batch of production. Reliable plant operations are a result of good quality motors used in the equipment and process machinery.
LHP motors are best known to the sector for their superior performance, premium energy efficiency and prompt after-sales service. We have been supplying electric motors to various sugar mills since the last 25 years.